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Permanent Make up – Prices

Enhancement consultation (redeemable against procedure) £50
Eyebrows Tattoo  
Perfect brows barely three colour mist £450*
perfect brows impact colour mist £450*
perfect brows hair by hair simulation £450*
 Eye Liner  
 striking eyes subtle lash definer £350*
 striking eyes eyeliner fine £395*
 striking eyes eyeliner thick £450*
 striking eyes colour merge eyeliner £450*
 Lip Enhancement  
 beautiful lips barely there lip line definer £425* £425*
 beautiful lips everlasting lip blush £450* £450*
 beautiful lips everlasting full lip tint £550* £550*
 sensuous beauty mark £65*  
 refresh colour boost per application (natural enhancement 12 months from the initial application)  £200
correction and removal  Enquire
Specialised Medical Procedures-reconstruction of the nipple/areola -reconstruction of a cleft palate -scar camouflage -re-pigmentation -albinism -hair replacement (price dependent on individual circumstance) * Includes a second application within 3 months of the initial procedure  From£250