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Scar Camouflage

Scar CamouflageLiving with scars can be devastating. Whatever the cause, scarring can damage your self-esteem, wreck your confidence and leave you feeling that part of who you are has been taken away.

Sol Cosmedics’ scar camouflage treatment is a long-term solution to scarring. With clients coming from around the world with scars ranging from the minor to the severe, specialist Hina Solanki brings all her artistic skill to bear to effectively conceal even seriously disfiguring scars.

Hina knows first-hand the difference that scar camouflage can make. Having undergone various procedures several years ago to address the legacy of a number of auto-immune disorders, she can testify to the dramatic and lasting confidence boost that scar camouflage can deliver. The results can be truly life-changing.

She is driven by a desire to give you the same new lease of life – the same confidence, knowing your scars are camouflaged, as if they were no longer there at all, allowing you to get back to living your life.

How it works

Consultation: Hina will take time to discuss your requirements, assess your scarring and propose a tattooing strategy to meet your needs. She will advise you of the number of sessions she expects your treatment to take and fully explain the procedure. She will make sure you are completely happy with the proposed treatment before proceeding.

Pigment blending: Hina will prepare a number of custom-blended pigments specifically for your skin tone.

Tattooing: Before beginning the treatment, Hina will apply local anaesthetic cream to make the procedure as comfortable as possible, helping you relax. She will then use her world-renowned artistic skill with the tattooing pen to recolour your scar, using the bespoke pigment blends she prepared for you to recreate your natural skin tone.

Healing: Hina will apply a natural, organic healing balm and, if necessary, a light dressing. Further supplies of healing balm will be provided to take home to aid the healing process. Healing time varies, but in most cases, after about five days the top layers of skin will have healed. The pigments will continue to settle under the top layers of skin for some time after this.

Throughout the process, Hina and her team, fully understanding the sensitive nature of their work, will treat you with warmth, respect and care, making you feel comfortable and relaxed.

While scar camouflage is not suitable for every scar, it is ideal for almost all white and silvery coloured scars. Hina treats a wide range of scars, including those related to medical and cosmetic surgery, self harming, alopecia, vitiligo, accidents and burns. Scar camouflage is suitable for all nationalities and skin types.

Whatever the circumstances in which you were scarred or left with skin pigmentation damage, don’t live with the results any longer. Let Sol Cosmedics help you step into freedom, to live and enjoy your life.

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