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Taz – Male Alopecia Sufferer

I have suffered from alopecia for about 4 or 5 years now. I don’t think there is anything I hate more than it. It started with a small patch on the top of my head. That small patch slowly grew to two medium sized patches, while my eyebrows disappeared too. And then more patches continued to appear. I had no option but to have a serious haircut and shave off all my hair. With no hair and no eyebrows, and constantly feeling like I needed to wear a hat, alopecia has been a serious thorn in my side, in terms of my confidence in how I feel about myself. I tried chinese accupucnture and herbal remedies for about a year but it had very little effect, and I was massively frustrated that I spent a LOT of money on it.

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I am desperate for a realistic solution to my problem, so when I came accross Hina and the micro pigment solution it seemed like the perfect option in terms of transforming a trendy hair style and eyebrows back to me. So far I have only been to one appointment with Hina, she is a nice lady and I have had no problems in terms of flexibly fitting my appointments around my busy lifestyle. I came in for a 2 hour appointment.

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The end result was not the spectacularly trendy new hair cut I was hoping for, which Hina did explain, but more like a tidy shaved head (shape up). The process would take longer than a simple 2 hours session to cover all 3 big patches. I am coming in to do my eyebrows in 1 weeks time, and then in a following 2 weeks time I hope to have another 2 hour session on my head, which I hope will pretty much satisfy my needs. The same area cannot be treated for 4 weeks of healing time.

2 things people need to be aware of I’d say. Firstly, maintaining your pigment takes keeping it moist with some balm, which is given to you, and needs to be applied on a regular basis. Secondly, you need to keep direct hot sun off it or protect with sunscreen or the pigment will fade quicker. It does not look like a tattooed head but just makes everything blend together. A really good natural look.

Overall the treatment isn’t massively expensive compared to the other viable options, but it’s not exactly cheap. It is costing me roughly £1100 to do this and maintain it. It’s a bit steep for me, but I’m so desperate to cover up my alopecia, I’m quite happy to do it. The strength of going down this route is that it will cover your insecurities quite quickly, the weakness of this treatment is that it doesn’t really treat the problem, it only covers it up, but because alopecia is such a frustrating disease to cure, it is probably the best thing I could do.

Since having the treatment I feel more confident. I can look straight at people when I am talking to them. Wish I had it done sooner…..