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I have first thought of getting semi permanent make-up done when starting a new job, where wearing make-up was simply not allowed! I did worry about the pain factor as well as how the end result would look like, after all, this is something which will last me a few years, and if it doesn’t look right (how I do my own make-up, any mistakes, etc) or even worse if I get an infection on my face. This is what has made me postpone and dwell on the procedure for a while. The final decision was made when I got pregnant and knew that I simply will not have the luxury of time to do any make-up as when and were I please. Being a young single woman it was important for me to look my best (sleepless nights and work requirements don’t help at all). After having my daughter I went ahead with the procedure.


On the day I was really worried, but Hina made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She worked on the colours of the pigment, blending them until I was 100% happy, as well as when it came to the shape of my eyebrows and lips. I must say that seemed to take forever, but is such a crucial stage, as this will define how my eyebrows will look like for the next few years! It is really reassuring that someone takes so much care and time to ensure you get the results you will be happy with!

When the semi-permanent machine came on and came closer to my face i clenched my fists in preparation for the pain, felt a few light scratches on my brows (and eyes to follow) and waited and waited for the pain that I eventually realized will not come! I have heard of people complaining about the agony they go through when getting these procedures done, but cannot relate to that pain whatsoever! I would honestly say that getting your eyebrows tweezed is more painful than this! Eyeliner was next, and that was a total breeze and so quick! Overall the actual tattooing part of the permanent make-up procedure is the shortest of all!
I would be lying if I said that the lip procedure was a breeze to get through. It did have a bit of a sting to it, but was relatively quick and made such a great difference to the shape and colour of my lips. They were that little bit more fuller and brighter in colour, but not so as to tell that I was wearing make-up,  ( I was stressing the fact that I wanted this to look as natural as possible, just enhancing what I have).


solcosmariaStraight after the procedure the areas felt a little sore but really bearable, swelling was minimal and i actually felt ok to come out of my house, I looked as if I had make-up on. The make-up DID look more darker than what I wanted, but having had a body tattoo done I was familiar with the darker colour look, scabbing that followed and a lighter colour revealed underneath the scabbing.

Hina provided a natural  healing balm that has helped with the healing and soothing of the areas, and as long as I applied it during the healing process, the scabbing was not obvious.
It took around two weeks of healing time, before the scabbing has come off and I have had nice smooth skin and the exact colour match to what I have picked and wanted! I do not look like I have make up on, but I would say I just look happy and fresh all the time.


Overall this has been one of the best things that I have spent money on! For the first time I feel like I look absolutely great at all time, even first thing in the morning after no sleep! It has been such a time saver, not having to worry about what I look like, even on my days off work. Still looking and feeling great! And as every mother knows, “a mother’s job is never done” so every spare time counts!