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Plasma Pen

Plasma pen is a non-surgical way of effectively tightening skin. Also known as ‘Fibroblast’, this popular treatment although new has taken off rapidly with some outstanding results.

Plasma Pen is a small handheld electrical arcing device, that works by producing a ‘flash’ or ‘arc’ from the needle onto the skin – this flash is similar to a very small lightning bolt! The needle (or probe) never actually touches your skin. When the needle is the appropriate distance away from the skin the electrical energy is discharged. The flash superficially dehydrates the cells within the epidermis, causing the skin to contract, causing immediate tightening. This process is called sublimation, a process where solid turns to gas.

After the initial tightening immediately following your treatment, your skin kick starts the healing process, stimulating the fibroblasts in your skin to produce collagen. Over the course of the healing process your skin will continue to tighten leaving you with skin that appears tighter, more lifted and rejuvenated. The procedure can be repeated after 6-8 weeks, once desired results have been achieved. Benefits of plasma skin tightening may be enjoyed until the natural aging process kicks back in.

Crows feet  – £350 1 hour

Upper or lower Eyes level 1- £550
30 mins

Upper or lower Eyes level 2 – £595
30 mins

Upper or lower Eyes level 3- £650
1 hour

Upper and lower eyelids full – £1125
1 hour

Jowls– 550 – 1 hour

Full Jawline – £925 1.5 hours

Around the Earlobe £250 30 mins

Around the front ear and Earlobe £450 1 hour

For images and video of the procedure, please visit our Instagram page and click on the Plasma pen highlight.

Neck   £650 – hour

Neck full-£1025 1 hour

Upper lip- £350 30 mins

Chin – £350 30 mins

Upper lip and Chin  £600 1.5 hours

Belly button area -£ 450-1 hour

Tummy (space of two hands) £ 950 1.5 hours

Stretch marks from £500

Upper arms from £450 each

Upper thigh from £450 each

Upper knee from £395 each

Frown lines 11’s £325
Forehead lines £525
Full Forehead £645