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Eyebrow Tattoo

eyebrow tattoo

Your eyes are probably your most important beauty feature and your eyebrows strongly influence how they look. To make the most of your eyes,  great eyebrows are essential.

Beautifully shaped eyebrows, framing your eyes and giving you a younger, more beautiful look, can make the single biggest difference to your over-all appearance.

 That look can be damaged, though, by the rigours of life. Perhaps you have suffered hair loss as a result of alopecia or cancer treatment, or through over-plucking? Possibly your eyebrows have sagged, or are naturally low, giving your eyes a puffy, tired look? Maybe you have even had eyebrow tattooing work done elsewhere which didn’t produce the results you wanted?

Whatever your concerns, addressing them with make-up can be difficult and time-consuming, with additional challenges presented by exercise and hot weather.

Sol Cosmedics offers a long term solution. Celebrity artist Hina Solanki‘s specialist semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing, renowned not only in London and the UK but around the world, gives you permanently enhanced eyebrows: you can throw away those eyebrow pencils and face the world with confidence.

How it works

Consultation: A clear understanding of your wishes is essential, so Hina will take time to talk the details through with you. She will study your profile from the side and the front, and then template your desired eyebrow shape with an eyebrow pencil, ensuring it works well with your unique face shape. She will explain the tattooing process and answer any questions you may have so that you are completely comfortable before going ahead with the procedure.

Pigment blending: Hina will prepare a custom-blended pigment specifically for your skin tone and hair colour – and your desired end result.

Tattooing: Hina will hand-craft your eyebrows, skilfully, subtly and painlessly applying colour for a natural ‘3D’ look. She uses two key techniques: ‘powder mist’ adds a soft shade of colour to your existing eyebrows, while amazingly fine ‘hair strokes’ (our most popular eyebrow treatment) restore missing eyebrow hair, each stroke imitating an individual strand.

Healing: Once healed, the tattoo pigment under the skin will give a soft and feathery natural look, restoring the natural, youthful beauty of your eyes.

Whether you want your eyebrows restored after hair loss or other damage, shaped or re-contoured with improved arches, or want perfect, authentic-looking artificial eyebrows, Hina will bring out your natural beauty, as she has done for hundreds of clients from around the world.

Refer to Gallery for tattoo eyebrows pictures before and after and our testimonials about our best and cost effective services.   And  book a no-obligation consultation with Hina.